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Our Story

About us

The term "JHaanpi" originates from a Hindi dialect that resonates from the core of North India. It symbolizes a bride's cherished trousseau - a concept steeped in the profound longing to embrace one's true self.

“I’m gorgeous, confident and I know exactly what I want."

Experience the magic of Indian heritage with JHaanpi. Our collection of handcrafted Chikankari sarees is designed to showcase the beauty and elegance of Indian fashion. Each saree is unique and carefully curated to reflect the diverse tastes of our customers. We believe that fashion is a form of self-expression and we aim to provide our customers with sarees that help them tell their own unique story. Whether you are attending a wedding or just want to add a touch of Indian beauty to your wardrobe, JHaanpi has something for everyone.

Founder of brand JHaanpi sarees label
JHaanpi presents a unique collection of chikankari sarees for women who appreciate the beauty and charm of traditional clothing. Our designs are simple, elegant, and timeless, which makes them stand out in a world full of fast fashion. Each of our pieces is crafted with care and precision by skilled artisans who have dedicated their lives to the craft. Our mission is to showcase India’s finest traditions and provide our customers with sarees that are both beautiful and unique. Shop our range of sarees online, and experience the beauty and grace of Indian textiles like never before!

About me

I am Shailja, proud Lucknowite - the city known for its rich cultural heritage, often referred to as "Tehzeeb". From my earliest days, I embraced the role of a dedicated homemaker, while my heart remained captivated by all things creative. Childhood was a tapestry of imaginative pursuits, fostering a deep connection with artistic endeavors. My journey led me through the exploration of diverse art forms, each satisfying a unique creative craving within me.

Although the path into the fashion realm wasn't an obvious one, my formal education gravitated towards business and public administration. This distinct academic pursuit equipped me with skills that set a different trajectory. However, the allure of heritage and traditional attire rekindled the very artistic passion of my youth.

With my son now pursuing higher education, I stand at a juncture to channel this unwavering passion. Hence, I embark on a new chapter by launching my online clothing brand - JHaanpi. This venture is a testament to my admiration and affection for clothing that is an embodiment of diversity, intricacy, and timelessness.

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